Solar Wave 24 Standard 220 Volt Tanning Bed

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  • 24 efficient WOLFF lamps
  • 20 Minute Tanning Session
  • Delivered 98% Pre Assembled
  • 220 Volts
  • Bronze Medal Warranty
  • Additional 4 year warranty

Lamp Upgrade – $149 *

3 Year Extended Electrical Warranty – $99 *

Shipping Insurance – $49 *

XL Frame Upgrade *

Spread out and tan with nearly 30% more room with the XL upgrade!

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The Solar Wave 24 Standard 220 Volt Home Tanning Bed has 24 tanning lamps in a comfortable, curved tunnel design that makes maximum use of reflected rays. If you are looking for a deep, rich tanning experience at home, the Solar Wave 24 Standard 220 Volt Tanning Bed will satisfy your tanning needs.

This model tanning bed will satisfy your need for an efficient tanning bed in your home. Powered with 24 efficient Wolff  lamps this bed provides you with 2400 watts of tanning power during its 20 minute tanning time. This bed will look great in any location with its contour tunnel design and its aluminum and steel frame. Sunco Tanning offers the Bronze Medal warranty and easy financing for this tanning bed.


24 Body Lamps

  • 24* efficient 100w Wolff® lamps
  • 50% more bronzing rays, double lamp life


  • 20 minute session time
  • Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
  • Exclusively designed acrylic
  • Specially designed aluminum reflectors

Special Features

  • High-tech digital timer
  • Security timer automatically monitors standard time to guarantee accurate session time


  • 75.75″L x 35″ W x 48″ H
  • Recommended room size 6’x 7′


  • 220 VOLT dedicated circuit
  • 20 AMP circuit breaker
  • 6-20R 220v dedicated circuit


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