Return Policy

Returns will be accepted only up to 7 calendar days after the buyer signs for delivery and only under the condition that the buyer arranges for shipping back to Tanning Bed Depot and pays all applicable shipping charges to and from Tanning Bed Depot.

The buyer must call before returning merchandise. All returns are subject to credit minus shipping charges, only after inspection of returned merchandise by Tanning Bed All returned merchandise will be subject to a 15-25% restocking fee due to depreciation.

If you have any questions about shipping costs and policy, please call us at 877-477-8857.

Shipping Policy

Ship Date
*Most tanning beds are usually shipped within 3-5 business days from the completed order date.  This applies to in stock beds only. As expected, shipping times may be greater around holidays and during warmer seasons. 

Curbside Delivery

Residential deliveries arrive on a 27′ to 53′ tractor-trailer.

We pay shipping charges in advance. You are not required to pay any additional shipping charges at the time of delivery. The shipping charges you pay are for the transport of your products from our warehouse to your curb (i.e., “delivery”).

The freight company is not required to take the products off the truck nor to move the products to your desired location.

  • The freight company will contact you before they deliver your products. Please plan ahead to arrange means of getting the products off the truck and to your desired location.
  • Most of our products require from 2 to 4 individuals present at delivery time to get the products off the truck and to move it to your desired location.

Your first option is to have several people (from 2 to 4) available when your product(s) is delivered to take it off the truck.

Your other option is to request a hydraulic lift gate truck to unload your products. The fees for this additional service range from $60 to $130, depending on the freight company. You can arrange for and purchase this additional service when you place your order with us to ensure a smoother delivery. (PLEASE ASK YOUR SALES REPRESENTATIVE FOR A PRICE QUOTE IF YOU WANT THIS ADDITIONAL SERVICE.)

Please be aware that even with this service, you will still need 2 to 4 people to move the products from the curb to your desired location.

Receiving Freight: Clear Delivery

Receiving freight can be as easy as sending it if you follow a few steps:

  1. Stay in contact with your supplier to find out when your shipment was shipped, what carrier it was given to, and an approximate arrival date.
  2. When the shipment is delivered, inspect it immediately for obvious signs of damage.
  3. Compare the number of shipping units received to the number listed on the delivery receipt.
  4. Sign the delivery receipt.

The driver will help you receive your shipment and answer your questions.

While the driver is there, compare the pieces of freight you are receiving to the delivery receipt. If condition and quantity of your freight is acceptable, the driver will ask you to sign the delivery receipt. The driver will give you a copy, and take the original signed copy with him/her (as proof of delivery) for his/her employer’s records.

A signed delivery receipt with no exceptions, is called a “clear delivery.” Clear deliveries mean that there were no shortages or visible damage at the time of delivery.

!!Attention: Tanning Bed Customers!!

It is very important that the buyer follows the delivery procedure described above. If the buyer determines that all or a portion of the merchandise has been damaged, the buyer must refuse to accept the shipment or note the exact damages on the freight bill and replacement parts will be sent. Any damaged parts that are not noted at the time of receipt by the buyer will be replaced at the buyer’s cost (including shipping costs).

We offer concealed damage (hidden damage that could only have occurred during shipping and which was not visible during delivery inspection) shipping insurance at a nominal cost on tanning beds.

Shipping insurance covers the replacement of damaged parts only, not the entire item. If the buyer chooses not to purchase shipping insurance at the time of purchase, all replacement items and associated shipping costs will be paid for by the buyer. Shipping insurance cannot be purchased after the item has been delivered.